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Emblems and banners in Podkarpackie – Our offer

We have been specializing in manual and machine embroidery for over 30 years.

Embroidery is one of the most spectacular methods of fabric ornamentation, at the same time it keeps the ages-old tradition alive. That is why in our studio we embroider using both historically accurate methods and modern machine techniques. Because of that, we are able to embroider banners, national emblems and other types of emblems, clerical robes and liturgical paraphernalia in a way that makes them present a proper level of prestige. Our works serve those who gather around symbols for the community and believe in it – firefighters, paramedics, military units, Polish diaspora communities and parishes. However, people passionate about functional embroidery can also find something for themselves. Studio offers its services to all sorts of organizations as well as individual clients.

Both our projects and our customers’ ideas can be embroidered – our studio can even realize personalized orders. Our embroidery services have been appreciated by dozens of clients and institutions.

Banners in Tarnobrzeg

Our main product are embroidered banners, which include (but are not limited to):

  • military unit banners,
  • hunting association banners,
  • school and university banners,
  • church pennons,
  • fire brigade banners,
  • company and civic banners.

Studio Haftu Artystycznego offers complex services. Along with the banner, clients receive a protective case, three sashes with buckles, three pairs of silk gloves for the standard bearers and two bows that hook to the ornament – one black, for funeral ceremonies and one in white and red for national celebrations. Additionally, we can equip our customers with a pole and an ornament or finial.

Embroidery accessories

With administrative, church and other organizations in mind, our studio in Tarnobrzeg creates embroidery on emblems, patches, clerical robes, as well as functional embroidery and embroidered christmas decorations for individual customers. We are able to embroider items for special occasions such as christening. We offer chrisms and christening dresses made of soft batiste, First Communion memorabilia or wedding accessories.

Extra services – renovation and creating replicas

To supplement our offer including creating embroidered banners, we often recommend renovating damaged ones. The work we do in Studio Haftu Artystycznego will give old and damaged embroidery a new lease of life. Each such assignment brings us immense joy. These orders are timed and priced individually, after thorough examination of the original work; this is because we always aim to keep as much of the original banner intact and the new elements have to be matched and copied with utmost precision.

It is worth noting that creating a replica of a customer’s banner is also an option. Sometimes the item in question is so old and valuable that it is considered a museum exhibit or it is damaged to the point where any tampering with it would irrevocably destroy what’s left of it. In those cases we recommend creating an exact replica, and the original banner to be kept in a memorial room or donated to a museum. In Studio Haftu Artystycznego, we will do our best to examine the case and help with making a decision about it, listing possible repairs and their reasoning.

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