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Banners and embroidery in Tarnobrzeg – Studio Haftu Artystycznego

Studio Haftu Artystycznego specializes in both hand and machine embroidery on banners, pennants, emblems and everyday objects. We are located in Tarnobrzeg, podkarpackie voivodeship.

Our offer is intended for individuals and institutions, organizations, associations as well as sport clubs or hunting associations – shortly, everyone who might need an official banner or decorative embroidery on their clothes or uniforms. We fulfill orders from all over Poland and sometimes abroad.

Passion for artistic embroidery

Our mission is to sustain the tradition of manual embroidery and pass down its techniques and intricacies to others.

For over 30 years, our passion was to appreciate this ages old folk craft and add new ideas to it, thus creating beautiful, unique items. We apply both hand and machine embroidery when working on military, police, church, fire brigade or other types of banners.

We believe that in times of mass produced commodities, artistic mastery and intricate work can still be appreciated by clients who desire beautiful embroidery on their banners and other work.

Passion for creation – manual and machine embroidery from Tarnobrzeg

In our studio, we can complete orders based on your own idea as well as on pre-made designs prepared by our specialists.

Our offer includes (but is not limited to):

  • Emblems,
  • Banners (for schools, military units, churches and religious organizations, police units, hunting associations and fire brigades),
  • National emblems,
  • Embroidery on canonicals,
  • Embroidered pennants,
  • Embroidered patches,
  • Embroidered christmas cards and Christmas tree decorations,
  • Embroidery on everyday items and clothing.

We also offer renovation of damaged banners, making replicas and a wide assortment of standards, ornaments and other elements of the standard bearers’ equipment – protective cases, gloves and sashes for the standard bearers.

We chiefly specialize in hand embroidery on banners and pennons. We are able to create and renovate a banner based on our customer’s idea or a design suggested by our specialists. Our studio can supply additional equipment, like poles, ornaments and finials, as well as standard bearers’ accessories such as gloves and sashes for the standard bearers. Our experienced and skillful team is also able to prepare an almost exact replica of your present banner with excellent attention to details.

Modern and traditional methods

Since 1985, our founder Elżbieta Niewolewska has been sustaining this ages old folk tradition by crafting manual embroidery on banners for military and police services, hunting and sports associations, government institutions, religious institutions and many others. We believe that in times of mass produced commodities, artistic mastery and intricate work can still be appreciated by clients who desire beautiful embroidery on their banners and other work. However, modern methods hold no mysteries for us either – we use machine embroidery to create high quality products. Methods and materials we use ensure our banners, emblems and other products:

  • have vibrant colours and rich gilding;
  • have that perfect finish;
  • are designed and adjusted as per customer’s needs;
  • are fully compliant to the relevant regulations, Act and/or Decree, if required.

Our studio has matte, shiny, jacquard and smooth fabrics at its disposal. Threads we use are metalized, giving silver or gold finish, while decorative fringes complement the final look. We also provide sewn-on ornamental gems, beads and appliqué, which are often used when embroidering figures of saints.

Embroidery and fashion

Embroidery is a craft that can be applied to embellish even everyday objects. Aesthetically pleasing design can make interior objects like table cloths, decorative pillows and curtains look impressive. Embroidering hats, clothes and handbags can achieve a similar effect. Functional embroidery is a perfect way to make an everyday object stand out and make the overall style feel unique.

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