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Hunting, school, fire brigade and other banners

Banners are an inseparable element of many different institutions and organizations, as they stand for affiliation with them and they manifest the values acknowledged by the organization. The art of the banner is immensely important because of how special banners have been in Polish history.

Studio Haftu Artystycznego from Tarnobrzeg has specialized in hand-crafting these products since 1985. We make embroidered banners for all kinds of establishments: church institutions, military and police units, hunting associations, schools and fire brigades. These are just examples – any organization can order a banner from us, and so can individual clients.

Our offer includes both manual and machine embroidery. All our hunting, police or school banners are of the best quality requirements. Along with the ordered banner, we include a protective case, three sashes with buckles and three pairs of gloves.

Replicas and renovations of banners in Tarnobrzeg

To supplement our offer, we also perform renovations and create replicas of banners, along with having a wide choice of ornaments.

Embroidery as a craft has almost no limitations, therefore we do special orders as well. At Studio Haftu Artystycznego, we are always willing to go the extra mile to realize our customers ideas and fulfill their expectations – Your imagination is the limit.

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