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Embroidered emblems

Our studio specializes in embroidered banners and other items, as well as flags and emblems and coats of arms, which can be made in the form of, for example, office decoration. We use both traditional methods such as manual embroidery and appliqués and modern techniques of machine embroidery to create those products. Thanks to that, our products are sturdy, detailed and fulfill all the requirements for creating representations of national symbols.

It is worth remembering that a national emblem is an important and prestigious symbol of a country. It is absolutely crucial for it to be an exact, well crafted representation of the statutory design. For over 30 years, Studio Haftu Artystycznego has specialized in creating such products so by choosing our brand, customers receive only the best quality available on the market.

Our emblems are ordered by schools, administrative offices, law companies, Polish Diaspora communities and individual clients.

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