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Manual and machine embroidery done with passion– About Us

What has inspired us to start this endeavour? Well, it was mainly the skill, passed down from grand-grandmother to her daughters, who passed it in turn to her own daughter, who was the one to start her own embroidery company in Tarnobrzeg. It was because of the fascinating history of this beautiful craft, along with a bit of luck, that not only did our founder create new things, she also started to rescue and renovate damaged embroidery, banners, pennants and church pennons.

Embroidery is one of the oldest techniques of fabric ornamentation, mentioned as early as in the Old Testament – oldest remaining embroidery pieces have been found in the Attica region and in Altai Mountains, dating from between 5th and 4th century B.C.E. In Poland, first mentions about “painting with needle and thread” come from the 12th century. Over the years, embroidery has been treated as a craft, a pastime and even an important element of women’s education. However, the popularity of embroidery slowly began to disappear in the wake of mass produced ornaments and development of faster, more efficient embroidering machines.

Since 1985, Studio Haftu Artystycznego located in Tarnobrzeg has sustained the traditional embroidery by creating embroidered banners for fire brigades, military units, schools, hunting associations, as well as emblems and patches. Our first commission was a renovation of a fire brigade banner. We also embroider national emblems, christmas cards and decorations, as well as everyday objects like tablecloths or duvet covers.

All the aforementioned items are embroidered by manual or machine methods as an expression of a modern continuation of the craft.

How do we stand out?

For over three decades, the cornerstone of our studio has been the creation of reliable craftwork using traditional, artistic techniques, at the same time learning something new with every commission and including that knowledge in all future work. Incredible patience and meticulousness of our craftspeople equals their talent – as seen on the pictures of our previous works. Durability of our creations rival that of the banners of historical polish banners – because our studio employs the same historical techniques and only the best materials available. That alone guarantees that our banners will survive decades, which is one of our greatest prides and the reason why choosing our products is worth it.

Functional embroidery and embroidering banners in Tarnobrzeg

Our studio is fueled by our passion for the craft, we consider our clients’ needs for an official banner of a pennant – police squads, fire brigades or hunting clubs, but also individuals who value traditional crafts. Our functional embroidery on clothes, duvet covers and other everyday objects is worth recommending.

We mainly offer embroidering banners, so to complement that our client can also choose from our renovation services, creating replicas and a great variety of poles, ornaments and other related equipment.

Please feel free to browse our offer.

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